Microblogmondays: the social side of drawing

I was going to write a really depressing post about dealing with stubborn aging parents, but this afternoon I had some great moments and I decided to write about that instead. 

I had to go to Paris to take care of some issues concerning my father and today I managed to take some time for myself and went to the Tuileries to sketch. I chose a sculpture of a lioness and as I approach it I see that the seat I wanted was taken by a man who was also sketching the lioness. I sat a bit further and when my fellow sketcher was done he came to me and asked if he could see my sketches. I asked to see his and we chatted for a while.

I went a little bit further and I put my sketchbook and my watercolours on a fence waiting for the watercolour to dry and this photographer asks me if he can take a picture of the sketchbook. It turned out really nice because there was a slight breeze and the sketchbook leaves were moving. And a second very nice chat.

Never thought drawing could do so much for one’s social life.


2 thoughts on “Microblogmondays: the social side of drawing

  1. Making friends all over the place 🙂 I went to the art museum this week and it’s true — people just start conversations while you’re waiting in line to see the exhibit. Maybe it’s something about art bringing about words.

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