Microblog Mondays – a very intense weekend

Slowly recovering from COVID side effects. It did help that I had a week holiday last week, which culminated in a national urban sketching gathering in Figueira da Foz.

When I read the program, I was stoked. We were going to sketch rice fields and salt evaporation beds. Really outside the box, I thought. But 4 hours at the salt beds? What were we going to do for 4 hours?

Turns out, I could have stayed the whole day there. There is an interpretation center that shows all the process of the salt production, our guide was very enthusiastic, we gathered edible plants that grow in salty lands (salicornia and sea purslane).

And of course, I couldn’t leave without a kilogram of salt and a smaller bag of salt flower.

Microblog Mondays

Wasn’t able to move between the raindrops this time

Well, I needed rest, so there you go, I am on forced rest until Thursday.

Not too bad, I go back to work on Friday and then it’s the weekend.

And I only have mild symptoms, hardly any cough today, but oh, the exhaustion and the mushy brain…

And I was worried my other colleague would have to mind the fort alone, since another colleague is on holidays, but he tested positive as well.

Actually since masks stopped being mandatory it’s been 3,4 cases a week at the office. And our type of work can’t be done remotely.

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Exhausted from muscling up my imagination

I’ve always enjoyed comics and graphic novels and have always wanted to try making one but I never signed up for a course mainly because you have to write a story and I always panic when I am asked to make up one.

But this year I finally had the courage to register for a course, and I am enjoying every bit of it, except when there are writing exercises of course.

And I try very hard not to compare myself with my classmates who given any prompt immediately write amazing stories.

Keep telling myself imagination is like a muscle, you have to exercise it…

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Performing again. Simultaneously excited and nervous

Tomorrow morning our playback theatre group will perform outside on the theme of the environment. The municipal council is doing a series of performances and activities on that theme. We applied during the first lockdown and our project was one of the most voted.

And we had to wait almost 2 years because of the successive lockdowns.

We have been rehearsing every Sunday morning and sure, we are prepared, but performing in the open presents special challenges.

But I guess the day I will stop having stage fright is the day I quit being an actor, because that would mean I stopped caring.

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Microblog Mondays: new month, new life

One week today since I started living in my new apartment, an apartment just for me, where I don’t have to wait for the bathroom or the washing machine. (Although I haven’t brought my washing machine yet, but this is a detail).

And I feel really privileged to live in the city center. Plus the street I live in is really quiet, as it is a dead end, so no traffic. Some mornings I can hear the birds singing. The only slightly annoying noise is the sound of the pigeons.

So yes, I feel quite content.

Microblog Mondays: leaving my “bunker”

That’s how a friend of mine calls my room, as hardly get any sunlight because the window faces an inner courtyard and my view is the wall on the other side.

But now, thanks to dearest M. and D. ( who gave the contact of one of his friends who has apartments for renting and who battled on my behalf), I have a new apartment, in the center of Lisbon and full of light.

That’s what made me fall in love with it.

The year is starting well…

Microblog mondays- In between the raindrops

My dance school had an end of the year party last Wednesday, dinner and then dancing with a live band afterwards.

Negative COVID test was required at the entrance so many people were dancing without their masks, with a false sense of security.

Yes, false, because Friday one of the attendees developed symptoms and tested positive for COVID.

As I didn’t attend the dinner, just the dance, wearing a mask all the time, it was considered a low risk contact, which meant I should go only to work and back, wear a mask outside and inside. So I spent the weekend cooked up in my room, only leaving it to go to the bathroom and to get food, putting on a mask each time I went to the bathroom or the kitchen. Because there are 6 other people living in the apartment.

And today I got tested. There were these long 30 min waiting for the result, if you are positive they will call you. Luckily, I am negative.

As we say in Portugal, so far I have been able to walk in between the raindrops. Hope it stays this way.