Microblog Mondays- Sunday afternoon on the couch

Since the first lockdown, the urban sketching community has been doing interviews every Sunday with different urban sketchers who then at the end of the episode give you a drawing challenge. This season it is at the moment at 3 pm Lisbon time and since we are in lockdown, I have taken to watching it live every Sunday. This year there are not only interviews with sketchers, but also talks about artist’s sketchbooks, and this Sunday a show about Royal Talens, that had sponsored the Amsterdam symposium in 2019.

So we got to know all about the history of the brand and also how paints are made.

Plus interviews with several brand ambassadors and a Q and A session.

So I spent almost two hours on my couch watching the show. But I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty.

Microblog Mondays – feeling so relieved!

Last Monday I learned one of my colleagues had been in contact with a covid positive case, and since it was a person she lived with, she would not come back to work before getting her own test results.

And I had been working closely with her that last week, even though it was mostly in the lab, that has a lot of ventilation and always with a mask.

So when she tested positive as well, I was told to self isolate for 10 days after last contact. Since I am in a risk group I told my boss I would feel more confortable being tested and later that day they discovered that the university we collaborate with could test us (they have adapted this Pavillion as a collection center since universities are randomly testing the students) and we would get the results in 48h tops. And they had a free spot the next day (Thursday) at 9h45.

I could hardly focus on Friday even if I knew I would not get the results before the end of the afternoon. And finally at 5pm I got a text saying my test result was NEGATIVE.

If I didn’t have a torn ligament in my ankle I would have jumped for joy. I was dancing inside.

I am safe for now.

Microblog Mondays – getting back to normal (?)

We are slowly starting to deconfine. But I don’t feel particularly safe. Facemasks are mandatory in public transports and indoors but a lot of people don’t know how to use them. They don’t cover their noses or keep touching it, and they don’t always keep social distancing (a woman sat right behind me in the subway, in a half empty compartment)

Though it was a great pleasure last week to be able to eat at a terrace. Even if part of me was terrified, wondering if the cutlery and my beer glass were contaminated.

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