Six word Saturdays

Cascais Cultural Center- a rambling concert

That was fun. Performing in different rooms. Each time we moved to a new room it seemed to me that the audience was going to leave. But as soon as they heard us they came back.

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Microblog Mondays

One of our former theatre group members invited us to do a small demonstration of playback theatre on Sunday for the residents association they founded at the beginning of the year.

I had been physically quite poorly these last months so I said I would rather be the conductor ( who is the person who makes the contact with the public) than an actor. And as the hour of the performance approached, I was feeling more and more panicked.

Luckily the feeling started to subside after our warm-up and it really helped that the first people to share were children. It feels like the connection with them is easier than with adults. Anyway we had a nice variety of people in the audience, from children to old people, people who had recently moved there and some who had lived there all their lives, and since the demonstration was to be about the life in the neighborhood, we had a great variety of experiences.

There were challenges: there was a lot of noise coming from the street and some people would just pop in and then go out again but after a while it didn’t really bother me too much.

And most importantly, the audience felt they had been heard, which is the one of the biggest purposes of this type of theatre.

Microblog Mondays- A suprise visit

I had a WhatsApp message from my cousin from France on Friday saying that he was in Lisbon. He had already made a short stop here around a month ago to take some tests to work for a plane company ( he’s a pilot), but only told me when he got here because he had no idea if he would have time to meet anybody.

This time his wife came just for the weekend so we all spent a nice Saturday afternoon together.

It is amazing that my cousin and me shared a house maybe for a year when we were kids, and then he went back to Mozambique so we hardly saw each other for several years. But each time we meet it is so easy to reconnect, and the same with his wife and kids.

We are privileged to have a family who gets along so well, like in books.

Microblog Mondays

I had passed this place so many times but I don’t think I would have ever visited it if it wasn’t for the photo and sketching meeting last Saturday. I hadn’t even realized there were guided tours. For me it was just a building from a bank that had art exhibitions from time to time.

But when they were renovating the building they found an archaeological site with ruins from different periods of history. And we had the privilege of having a longer tour so we could have time to draw. Which was quite a challenge as it was pretty dark downstairs. I haven’t scanned my drawings yet but here is a picture of a fish processing tank from Roman times and the bowls where they prepared fish sauces, mainly the famous garum.