Microblog Mondays- the longest 30 min of my life

I had an outside drawing class this Saturday and a few of us were having lunch together before the afternoon session and I get a phone call from a colleague telling me she had tested positive for Covid.

I tried to get a rapid test at the pharmacy but they only had a free spot today, so I decided to self isolate, even though the odds of me being infected were very small.

So I managed to get tested today, at the university near my work and they told me that if I was positive they would call me during the next half hour, otherwise the results would go to my email.

The last 2 minutes of the half hour seemed to last forever…. No call came. I checked my email just to be sure, and yes, I am negative.


Mum, do the boats have legs?

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This morning we had a drawing class at the artificial lake in Campo Grande.

We were actually drawing the scenery/people from inside the boat. Which was quite challenging because when you are not rowing, the boat starts drifting so the view keeps changing.

Still, a lot of fun, plus I was in a boat with 2 women I have grown close to.

And then this little french song from when I was a child came to my mind:

Mummy, do the boats that move in the water have legs? Of course, silly, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t walk!

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Microblog Mondays- first shot!

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Finally had my first vaccine shot on Saturday, and as a good urban sketcher, I had to do the mandatory recovery room sketch.

I was pretty impressed with the organisation: there were columns of different colour chairs, I was told to sit on a green chair, then they called the people on the yellow chairs to go to the next waiting room, and afterwards they called the green chairs. There was also a row of pink chairs.

I told a lady who was rearranging the chairs that the colours idea was great and she was really happy because she was the one who had thought of it.

I hardly felt the needle. Actually a Brazilian lady who left at the same time as me said she didn’t even fill the prick because she was taking a selfie, and her daughter was wondering if they hadn’t faked giving her the vaccine.

And I felt quite ok afterwards, just pain in my arm and not being able to lift it but then yesterday after lunch, bang! The fatigue hit me.

Good thing I didn’t have to go to work!

Anyway, psychologically, getting this first shot was a huge relief.

Vivian Maier: what an inspiring photographer!

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Didn’t even know she existed until a few months ago, when I bought an online illustration course and the teacher mentioned her as one of his artistic influence.

I hadn’t even realized there was an exhibition of her work near Lisbon and I almost missed it, but luckily it was extended until next Tuesday.

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Microblog Mondays

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This was how I felt this Saturday, as I finally was able to book my Covid vaccine for the 29th of may.

But now my mood just fizzled out. Just got a text from my landlord saying I have to give the apartment back to him until May 31st, and I can’t understand why, as the law had suspended the end of the contracts until June 30th.

Still trembling…

Off to take something to help me sleep…

Weird, they are not in boxes…

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Today, after over a year, our theatre group met in real life.

We arranged to have a rehearsal in a park that is normally quite empty. It was so good to see them in 3D, plus 2 company members who hadn’t rehearsed with us since we started the online rehearsals.

But at the same time, we all had a feeling of awkwardness and unreality.

Still, a lovely afternoon.

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