Microblog Monday- A new normal

Little by little, we start finding ways of doing the things that give us pleasure, even if we cannot leave the house.

We have resumed choir practice, via Zoom, and even if we have to sing with our mics off it is so good to see all theses smiling faces again!

Every Sunday there has been a sketching meeting where we visit virtually a museum, and yesterday I even saw an online playback theater performance (not an easy feat for a form of theater that relies so much on closeness and sharing).

And today I had an online dance class.

The fun thing about all these online meetings is that you get people from all cover the world. Yesterday for the playback performance we had people from Europe, Asia, America in the audience and the company was Mexican. And today two girls from the states joined our dance class.

So yes, I think I ‘not dealing too bad with social isolation.

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Microblog Mondays – first week of social isolation

Had a few scares during the week, one of my colleagues was  sick with symptoms that sounded like Covid-19, another woman I know was also feeling poorly, and she is a high risk case, seeing she is asmathic … Luckily they both tested negative.i

What with this colleague getting sick, our bosses decided we only needed to go to the office/lab once a week, which was a huge relief for me.

But it is hard sometimes, even if I deal more or less well with being alone all the time. And I realized I have to try to maintain some routines to keep an appearance of normalcy.

Funny the little things that give me pleasure now: I feel so happy to hang out my laundry, because I can feel the sun on my skin, taking out the trash, it even also almost felt good to go to the supermarket, though I avoid it as much as possible.

Microblog Mondays-thank you for streaming services and social networks

They have more or less kept me sane these last 2 days of social isolation.

Binge watched HBO series the whole afternoon Friday, and urban sketchers are coming up with lots of ideas and challenges for drawing at home. It made feel like I was almost physically with them.

Tomrr will be my first day working from home on the plus side I can work in my pajamas, on the other side, the construction work is still going on in my building and the bu next door.

We’ll see…