Microblog Mondays – no group reservations

“We don’t make group reservations. We have limited space, you see… And then people come in and the bar is full and they have to leave. Do you know who is organising this meeting? Tell them to come talk to me.”

I had innocently said I was there for the sketching meetup and if the bar was downstairs. And every person who came in after me received the same speech, so each time somebody from our group entered the bar they asked who the organiser was.

We were just meeting for the monthly “sketching just because” meeting, and the chosen place was a café with an amazing view over Lisbon, because the weather had been bad and it was called, and yes, we practically filled the place, but we were buying drinks and food. The staff, on the other hand, seemed quite happy do be doing so much business.

I didn’t draw the view, I preferred registering the moment.

And the old lampshades


Microblog Mondays

I used to feel really awkward when passers by looked over my shoulder while I was drawing in the street. Now, I hardly care.

I went to this night sketching workshop, and of course a bunch of people standing around with sketchbooks and paintbrushes in on of the most touristic belvederes in Lisbon is bound to attract attention. But I guess I was so focused on what I was doing that I couldn’t care less if someone was looking over my shoulder. And anyway I have discovered that people who don’t draw always think what we are doing is very nice, even if we are dissatisfied with it.

And here’s the result. It isn’t quite finished yet, but it still gave me a sense of achievement.

Microblog mondays – the fountain pen obsession

I have always liked fountain pens but ever since I started drawing again it seems to have become an obsession. I go to a sketch meeting or read sketcher blogs and they have all these different pens that I simply must try. There are actually blog posts and YouTube videos comparing the characteristics of the different fountain pens, ink flow, line variation, etc. And I realize I am starting to have a collection, me, who thought I am not a collecting type of person.

Here’s the latest acquisition I just received in the mail today: