Carries a stool? A sketcher, surely!

I was walking up a very steep hill this morning in Torres Vedras, on my way to a sketching meetup when a car stops next to me and the driver asks me if I was going to the meetup and if I wanted a ride.

We didn’t know each other, but she saw me walking uphill with my foldable stool on my shoulder, which is a big tell. Of course, some urban sketchers enjoy drawing standing up, sometimes leaning on a wall, but most of us carry a foldable stool or a foldable chair so we can draw more comfortably.

And really, how common is it for non sketchers to walk on the street with a foldable stool on their shoulder?

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Heritage sketching at the carnival museum

Ok, it is actually called Center of arts and creativity, but the permanent collection is all about Carnival, as it is a big thing in Torres Vedras.

One of the parts I enjoyed the most was listening to interviews of people who were involved in the celebrations ever since they were little, because all the family was involved. Didn’t have time to listen to all of them though, neither to watch the videos of the crafters who make the sculptures for the parade.

Every year there is this event at the end of September called a(riscar) o património (heritage sketching) included in the European cultural heritage days. And I have started to spend this day outside Lisbon. This year I chose Torres Vedras, as I have spent many happy moments there back when life was still normal.

At the beginning, part of me was thinking: “you’re crazy, getting up at 6 a.m on a Saturday to go drawing!” But it paid off. Another wonderfully spent day.

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Best thing about urban sketching: food

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Well, ok, I do enjoy the drawing part a lot, of course, but the social part plays a big role.

I love the lunches or snacks we have together after the workshops and the meetups.

It is not the same without them.

The picture is today’s workshop production.

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Microblog Mondays – museums in the time of a pandemic

The portuguese urban sketchers association has been giving workshops at the Bordalo Pinheiro museum. They were supposed to happen once a month, but with the successive lockdowns some had to be postponed and now there are 4 in a row, one or two weeks apart.

They used to take place in the afternoon, but they moved it to Saturday mornings from 9h30 to 12h30 because at one point there was a curfew on the weekend after 1 pm.

Now the country is starting to reopen so I didn’t have to make a reservation, especially because the presentation was taking place in the yard, and we actually got to be able to draw inside.

Though I think only 12 people were allowed inside at the same time. Which didn’t really matter because nobody else except us was visiting, and we were around 16 people but some of us stayed outside and there was a small annex where 6 people were allowed, though only one person per room.

The exercise proposed by the invited sketcher was to draw a frame using organic shapes taken either from nature or from Bordalo’s ceramics, write with a nice lettering the place and the date, and,as if it wasn’t enough, to come up with a monogram and sign the drawing with it.

( My drawing is above)

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Microblog Mondays- finally back to dance

It was the best moment of last week.

I had sprained my ankle last September and had a partially torn ligament so I had to give up on dancing for a while. And physical therapy took much longer than it should have because of several lockdowns : one time I had to change my schedule, and then my new therapist had to go home to take care of her kids because the schools were closed. And each time I had to stop treatment for 2 weeks until they found somebody available.

And then the gyms closed again for a while.

Last month a dance school I was registered at announced that they would do a summer course, I saw I could make it on Thursdays so I didn’t hesitate.

It’s like I am finally breathing again.