Microblog mondays: strange holidays

I had booked holidays in October to go to Paris, to see my father, because I wouldn’t be spending Christmas with him and he is almost 88 now, so each time I see him could be the last time.

But it ended up being hardly a holiday. In August my stepmother got very sick and has been in hospital ever since. Actually she is now in a recovery clinic.

Her nephew was helping to find a solution so my father wouldn’t stay completely on his own, and most of my time there was spent finding out what was still needed, what solutions there were, what they wanted…

I did come back home a little bit lighter, though. Much easier to take care of things over there than trying to do it from another country.

But apart from this, I still found some moments of pleasure: the chats with my cousins, seeing my old friend from university, and a tour on the Seine in a batobus. The weather was great and I went with my friend when he got out from work. And I took another one on my own on my last day, as I had a 24h ticket.

Microblogmondays: the social side of drawing

I was going to write a really depressing post about dealing with stubborn aging parents, but this afternoon I had some great moments and I decided to write about that instead. 

I had to go to Paris to take care of some issues concerning my father and today I managed to take some time for myself and went to the Tuileries to sketch. I chose a sculpture of a lioness and as I approach it I see that the seat I wanted was taken by a man who was also sketching the lioness. I sat a bit further and when my fellow sketcher was done he came to me and asked if he could see my sketches. I asked to see his and we chatted for a while.

I went a little bit further and I put my sketchbook and my watercolours on a fence waiting for the watercolour to dry and this photographer asks me if he can take a picture of the sketchbook. It turned out really nice because there was a slight breeze and the sketchbook leaves were moving. And a second very nice chat.

Never thought drawing could do so much for one’s social life.

Microblog Mondays – travelling with diabetes

I developed diabetes about 2 years ago, it runs in the family, so there was this possibility. And sure, it is annoying in social contexts, like when there are pot luck dinners and I hardly can eat anything, or when one of my colleagues has a birthday and I have to stand there just watching other people eat.
But when I am travelling is the worst part. Can’t eat street food because it is mainly carbs or ready made supermarket food because it always has sugar in it. I found it really hard last year in Amsterdam so this time I looked up paleo friendly restaurants online and where to buy sugar free items.
Still, when I ate out, I was 99% of the time reduced to eating salads. Giant and gourmet salads, but salads nonetheless.
That’s why when I worry about not having suitable food for me and somebody says: you have salad or you can bring a salad, I just feel like punching them.


Almost every day the circulation of a subway line is delayed because there is a suspicious package in one of the cars. You have to show your bag or open the boot of your car when you go into a museum or a shopping centre. Today I noticed at the entrance of the museum a flyer on what to do in case of a terrorist attack.

Microblog Mondays – 30 years later

A few months ago this old friend from university did a search for me online and sent me an email. We had not been in contact for 30 years. We had studied together in Paris and were very close for 2 or 3 years and then we drifted apart. Then I moved back to Portugal.
So we have been exchanging emails lately and since I was coming to Paris to spend Christmas with my father we arranged to meet again.
It was a very emotional moment, hardly felt any awkwardness, the time just flew by. It was like I had said goodbye to him yesterday. Sure, we look older, but the connection is still there.

#Microblog Mondays- Paris

A few years after my mother died I started spending chritsmas with my father every 2 years in Paris, France.  And everytime I tell people that they say I am very lucky. But I am never very enthusiatic about it. The fact is I lived there as a kid and later when I was in university, so I does not have the romantic appeal it has for most people. The fact is I never felt totally confortable there.

Have fun! They also say. But I don’t really have fun when I go there.

Although this year will be a bit different: this friend I had not seen since University found me online and I am really hoping to meet him this december. We have not seen each other for 30 years! But when we write to each other I do not feel it has been so long. Things still flow.