Heritage sketching at the carnival museum

Ok, it is actually called Center of arts and creativity, but the permanent collection is all about Carnival, as it is a big thing in Torres Vedras.

One of the parts I enjoyed the most was listening to interviews of people who were involved in the celebrations ever since they were little, because all the family was involved. Didn’t have time to listen to all of them though, neither to watch the videos of the crafters who make the sculptures for the parade.

Every year there is this event at the end of September called a(riscar) o património (heritage sketching) included in the European cultural heritage days. And I have started to spend this day outside Lisbon. This year I chose Torres Vedras, as I have spent many happy moments there back when life was still normal.

At the beginning, part of me was thinking: “you’re crazy, getting up at 6 a.m on a Saturday to go drawing!” But it paid off. Another wonderfully spent day.

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Best thing about urban sketching: food

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Well, ok, I do enjoy the drawing part a lot, of course, but the social part plays a big role.

I love the lunches or snacks we have together after the workshops and the meetups.

It is not the same without them.

The picture is today’s workshop production.

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Vivian Maier: what an inspiring photographer!

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Didn’t even know she existed until a few months ago, when I bought an online illustration course and the teacher mentioned her as one of his artistic influence.

I hadn’t even realized there was an exhibition of her work near Lisbon and I almost missed it, but luckily it was extended until next Tuesday.

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