Six word Saturdays

Drawing the cemetery?! Got a permit?

Yes, apparently you need an authorisation to draw or take pictures in a cemetery.
Luckily we got a pass because as the teacher said, any resemblance to reality was pure coincidence.

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Microblog mondays – the fountain pen obsession

I have always liked fountain pens but ever since I started drawing again it seems to have become an obsession. I go to a sketch meeting or read sketcher blogs and they have all these different pens that I simply must try. There are actually blog posts and YouTube videos comparing the characteristics of the different fountain pens, ink flow, line variation, etc. And I realize I am starting to have a collection, me, who thought I am not a collecting type of person.

Here’s the latest acquisition I just received in the mail today:

Microblog Mondays

Never felt so good finally spending an evening at home in front of the TV.

Not that the other evenings last week were bad. Quite the opposite. But I needed a moment of silence.

So let’s see: went to my belly dancing class Monday evening instead of Wednesday because Wednesday was the opening of the exhibition of the drawings we made during an activity in a plant biology lab. The bar where the drawings are being shown was also hosting an event called pubHd, where the speakers have 10 minutes to explain their PhD work. The topics that evening were pretty interesting so I ended up going home quite late again.

Tuesday we had an open rehearsal to prepare for our performance on Saturday afternoon, Thursday was choir practice, Saturday morning was the 10th year anniversary of the urban Sketchers so of course I could not miss the celebratory sketchwalk in the water museum, from where I rushed to our performance.

Sunday I went for my usual coffee on the beach with a dear friend and I managed to bring myself to go to Lisbon to watch the sunset from the top of the arch of the Rua Augusta. I have been wanting to do that ever since they opened it to the public,so when I saw this meetup announced I could not miss it.

Phew! I feel tired just from enumerating these activities, but it is better than having the social life of amaeba.

Microblog Mondays – Drink and Draw

I had written a post about this 2 weeks ago but somehow it never got past my draft’s folder.

But I still wanted to share.

So 2 weeks ago I spent 3 wonderful 3 days spent at the international urban sketching meeting in Torres Vedras. This year’s theme was wine and vineyards so it was a bit of a drink and draw sketch crawl as there was always a wine tasting moment when we visited the vineyards.

But the most amazing moment of the weekend was when we were asked to draw right in the middle of the vines, sitting or crouching on the floor,just putting down the colours of autumn on our paper.

I felt like a little kid, playing with colours, trying to squeeze juice from drying grapes to smear on my paper.

And here’s the result:

My page is still a bit sticky from the grape juice but I am told this will fade away