Microblog Mondays: In’ Natalis

That is the name of the Christmas concerts festival the council of Mafra organizes every year.

And this year our choir was invited. When I heard Mafra I thought it was the city Mafra, until one of our members asked: Do we know which is the village where we are going to sing?

The concerts actually take place in small villages, where the church sometimes only opens for the occasion. Ours was a very small church dating from the 13th century but recently renovated. I could have stayed a whole afternoon there just drawing the tiles.

Microblog Mondays: a Dadaist at heart?

I am normally terrified when I am asked to make collages. I just don’t get them and they always turned out terrible.

But I have been going to these workshops about early 20th century artistic movements and this Sunday was the first session about Dadaism. And the exercise was to make a collage like the dadaists would: accumulate a lot of things and it should have absolutely no meaning.

And I guess the fact that we did not have to make anything pretty liberated me. I was just playing with colour and letters and it actually worked out in the end.

Plus I found it a very relaxing process, for the first time in my life.

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Microblog Mondays

“I can’t tell where I am, everything looks the same!”, I overheard a tourist saying on my second day in Amsterdam. I had the exact same feeling.

But little by little, as I drew the city, I started to be able to tell the differences.

That is the magic of drawing in situ.