Microblog Mondays – feeling so relieved!

Last Monday I learned one of my colleagues had been in contact with a covid positive case, and since it was a person she lived with, she would not come back to work before getting her own test results.

And I had been working closely with her that last week, even though it was mostly in the lab, that has a lot of ventilation and always with a mask.

So when she tested positive as well, I was told to self isolate for 10 days after last contact. Since I am in a risk group I told my boss I would feel more confortable being tested and later that day they discovered that the university we collaborate with could test us (they have adapted this Pavillion as a collection center since universities are randomly testing the students) and we would get the results in 48h tops. And they had a free spot the next day (Thursday) at 9h45.

I could hardly focus on Friday even if I knew I would not get the results before the end of the afternoon. And finally at 5pm I got a text saying my test result was NEGATIVE.

If I didn’t have a torn ligament in my ankle I would have jumped for joy. I was dancing inside.

I am safe for now.

Fare thee well, my dear Eduardo

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I knew Eduardo Salavisa was very ill, but it still came as a shock when I saw the announcement of his death on the Portuguese urban sketchers’ blog.

His last project had been to draw the people that had been important in his life sitting in an armchair in his apartment. The portraits were published as a book and were also on display in a museum. They had moved the armchair to the museum and he would sometimes show up and draw some more friends and other people who came to visit the museum. So I guess he was drawing until the end.

Surely fitting for someone who had encouraged so many people to draw.

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Microblog Mondays: got to love technology

I was trying to buy my monthly transport ticket this morning but the machine kept saying my transport card had expired. So I checked it and realized it was only valid until the end of October. Luckily there was money on it and that was still usable for going to work.

But anyway, I panicked a little bit, because normally getting a new card takes at least one week, or you have to pay extra to get it urgently. And just the thought of having to wait in line at the subway customer service made me cringe.

Then I remembered seeing this advertisement for automatic booths where you can get your card on the spot, and there were two in a subway station on my way to work.

I only had to insert my ID, type in my address, pay and Bam!

I had my card in 5 minutes!

I actually finished inktober this year!

Inktober is a drawing challenge and where you are supposed to make a drawing in ink every day for the month of October and share it with at least one person. There are drawing prompts that you can follow or just do your own thing. Sharing on social media has helped me as it makes me feel accountable plus it is such fun to see what my friends are doing.

One day this year I drew a cocktail as a response to one of the prompts and I said that it seemed there was a cocktail for every prompt. And one of my drawing buddies suggested that I stick to cocktails until the end of the month. And so I did it.

Having a theme helped a lot, I did not get as lost in research. Sometimes, of course, life got in the way but I always managed to get back on track.

Can’t stand to draw another ice cube though…

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