Microblog Mondays: first drawing meetup of the year

It probably wasn’t the wise thing to do, what with the cold weather and the huge cough I have been having this last week, to go drawing by the riverside yesterday morning. I almost gave up, in fact.

But I guess like some other people say, you get addicted not only to sketching, but also to the people, the chats we have while we are drawing.

It was a happy morning indeed.


Microblog mondays:first attempt at drawing on a cellphone

That was one of the proposals of Saturday’s workshop. And even though I am a big fan of paper, I am all for getting outside of your comfort zone. And I have been practising almost every day. At least it I light weight and people don’t notice you are drawing, they probably think you are playing a game or something.

But I still favour pen and paper.

Microblog mondays: strange holidays

I had booked holidays in October to go to Paris, to see my father, because I wouldn’t be spending Christmas with him and he is almost 88 now, so each time I see him could be the last time.

But it ended up being hardly a holiday. In August my stepmother got very sick and has been in hospital ever since. Actually she is now in a recovery clinic.

Her nephew was helping to find a solution so my father wouldn’t stay completely on his own, and most of my time there was spent finding out what was still needed, what solutions there were, what they wanted…

I did come back home a little bit lighter, though. Much easier to take care of things over there than trying to do it from another country.

But apart from this, I still found some moments of pleasure: the chats with my cousins, seeing my old friend from university, and a tour on the Seine in a batobus. The weather was great and I went with my friend when he got out from work. And I took another one on my own on my last day, as I had a 24h ticket.

Six Word Saturdays

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An afternoon in the Carmo museum

Every month there is a session in the Carmo Archeological Museum called “let’s draw with”, where an urban sketcher shares his or hers background and how they came to urban sketching. Then they give us a drawing challenge. Today was to draw something we would normally never draw or integrate things that would normally be obstacles ( like cars, fire extinguishers, etc…) and use them as the first plan of the drawing.

Today there was this amazing sphere on the grounds and almost everyone ended up drawing it.

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