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Never thought I would get so affected by a building collapsing but I am weeping for Notre Dame.


It is too cold for tourism

I had this notification on Facebook saying that the sketchers from Évora were planning a meet-up in Arroiolos this weekend and I do love their meetups. Plus, I had never been to Arroiolos.

So I went. And the meeting was great. We had an urban sketching workshop on ceramic tiles (I’ll only know the result tomorrow, as it takes 24h to cure and cool down).

But boy, was it cold! I wanted to visit the town but I ended up in a restaurant, couldn’t stand the cold anymore. I’ll have to come back closer to the summer.

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Six word Saturdays

I wish I could help them…

But I live in another country. My father is anemic, his girlfriend is recovering from surgery and still has to help him.

The doctor sent my father to the hospital but they sent him back home the next day. Now we have to wait until Monday for the doctor to do something.

Feeling powerless.

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Microblog mondays- burocracy is the same everywhere after all

We Portuguese tend to think our burocracy is really terrible and that everywhere else in the world it is simpler and works perfectly ( at least in developed countries).

And then yesterday I got a text from France, from my stepmother, telling me the application we submitted for my father to receive in-home assistance might be refused.

And why?

Because pages are missing from the application they say. And they ask, among other things, for their property taxes when they rent their apartment.

So apparently they were undergoing renovations and got their files mixed up. And we will probably have to submit a new application and wait 3 more months for an answer.