Microblog Mondays

The day I had been waiting for the last few weeks has finally arrived: the day we can register for the science in the summer activities. Registration opened at 15h00 and at 18h00 some activities already had a waiting list. But now I know that we often get a place so I registered anyway. Actually, I also found out that most times you can just show up as a lot of the registered people don’t come.

Pity that a lot of the things I want to do are on weekdays, but I have so many holidays left that I can probably take a day off if needed.

Microblog Mondays-An artistic weekend

I wasn’t feeling too well on saturday so I decided on going to a drawing workshop instead of going to my dance class. And what a great choice it was.  Both exercises involved starting the drawing with a wash and only put the line afterword. Totally out of my confort zone but I really loved the technique. It makes the drawing much more spontaneous. And anyway, I wanted to improve my use of watercolours…

In Maru‘s exercise we would draw directly with watercolour, complementing the drawing with colored pencils, even if the watercolor was still wet. And no need to use the real colours, but with colours that had to do with our mood.


With Santi, it was more controlled. We would allow the watercolour to dry first. And as I did not have coloured pencils, I used a black pen instead:


And sunday I had registered for another watercolour workshop, “Atmospheric watercolour”, by Jenny Adams.

No real colours here as well, but a limited palette. I decide to use just 2 colours, and it turned out very interesting, albeit a bit subdued. Will try it next time with really bright colours.



Microblog Mondays

Lately I have been flirting with the idea of making my own sketchbooks. I even bought watercolour paper to make a watercolour sketchbook. But then I started watching bookbinding videos on YouTube and there are so many different techniques I could not choose.

I mean, there is Coptic stitch binding, kettle stitch, long stitch, saddle stitch, perfect binding….

I finally chose saddle stitch binding, as it seemed to be the easiest. And now I can’t stop making notebooks, recycling old papers just to practice.

Don’t think I will need to buy a new sketchbook anytime soon…

Microblog Mondays

The theme of Sunday urban sketching workshop was drawing the wollemi pine  in Beja’s municipal garden. I must admit when I first looked it up online l was really disappointed as it is not very impressive at first sight. But it is unique, and a living fossil.

Anyway, before we headed for the garden we had a small presentation about the history of the garden and it’s renovation in 2010 and I was amazed to learn that the plates with the trees names had been stolen. As well as the ones identifying nests groups of children had built for the birds. But the weirdest thing for me was that they had to give up having ducks and other birds because those too were stolen.

I mean, the plates, I can sort of get, they can money for the metal, but why on earth would you want to steal a peacock?!