Sometimes unplanned things are the best

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I had gone to check out a house that turned out to be in the middle of of nowhere and while I was waiting for the bus back I called a friend to let her know I was OK (I had asked her to check upon me as when I saw the location of the house I was feeling unsafe) and she offered to pick me up. We ended up having a drink and walking along the sea. And ended the evening on mussels and limpets.

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First trip since the pandemics started

This weekend there was supposed to be a drawing symposium and I had a room booked since several months so I decided to go to Leiria anyway for a short break.

Didn’t feel too safe on the bus, as the lady in front of me started to remove her mask to talk on the phone, to eat… And when I complained to her about it she told me to chill.

But I was really very impressed with the hotel. Before you get in, not only do you have to desinfect your hands but an employee comes to desinfect the sole of your shoes. They give you the remotes for TV and AC inside a box, and you have to give your schedule for breakfast, probably so they can manage the spacing.

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Microblog Mondays

Just came back from my first live dance class since the lockdown. And I don’t think I have danced with so much pleasure in ages. Don’t know if it is the space or the sound quality (not that great via meeting apps), probably a bit of both.

They have kept the online classes though, because some pupils don’t feel comfortable going to 3D classes yet, and some are from outside Lisbon. Besides the maximum allowed occupancy of the room must be 5 or 6 people…

I actually should have already started last week but we had a suspected Covid-19 case at work so I avoided social contact until I knew his test came out negative.

Microblog Mondays – nothing like face to face interaction

I was never in total lockdown as my work cannot be done fully from home so on the weekends and holidays I would hardly put a foot out of the door.

But I was feeling quite down last week and I realized maybe I should go out and do something pleasurable and last Wednesday I met a friend for dinner after work. We hadn’t seen each other since March, though we called each other every day.

And just having dinner together and talking to each other in 3D- as a friend of mine would say- did wonders for my mood. The dark clouds lifted.

Microblog Mondays

Nothing like a dance class in the confort of your own home to relax after work. I never thought I would enjoy it so much actually.

The normal classes will begin again in July but they will keep the online version for people who still don’t feel comfortable going out or are from other cities. Still haven’t decided what to do.

Microblogmondays – a crappy year so far

The year started by the death of my father on January 2nd, and I thought it could only go up from there.

But as if it wasn’t enough now I will most probably have to leave my childhood home because the new owner renovated the building so that entitles him to drastically increase my rent and to a value I cannot pay.

And the apartment hunt hasn’t been going too well so far. Two of the places I contacted were obvious scams: “no, I cannot show you the apartment, my parents bought it for me when I was studying but now I am back in Spain but everything is ready for you /I live in Italy and I bought this apartment for my daughter and now she is back in Italy with me”

This looks like my inner self

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Microblog Mondays – getting back to normal (?)

We are slowly starting to deconfine. But I don’t feel particularly safe. Facemasks are mandatory in public transports and indoors but a lot of people don’t know how to use them. They don’t cover their noses or keep touching it, and they don’t always keep social distancing (a woman sat right behind me in the subway, in a half empty compartment)

Though it was a great pleasure last week to be able to eat at a terrace. Even if part of me was terrified, wondering if the cutlery and my beer glass were contaminated.

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Online has its advantages after all

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I mean, how else would I go to Barcelona for a life model session? I’m starting to get addicted to those sessions, normally I can only attend on Wednesdays, because I have started to work outside the house 3 days a week, but this Sunday there is a session with a Japanese model , so I really couldn’t let this pass.

And you have people from all over the world sharing their drawings : US, Spain, Scotland, Ireland…

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