Microblog Mondays

Felt like I had gotten back to childhood last Saturday morning. The theme of our drawing workshop was minimum/ maximum and took place at the “pavilhão do conhecimento“, a center with a lot of science activities for kids and grownups. Thehe proposal for the first exercise was to do a drawing at first with minimal hand involvement.

Minimal hand involvement? We actually made some automatic “drawing tools” and tried to direct them on the paper:

We would then complete the drawing applying watercolors with our fingers.

In the second exercise we would draw a shape from the exhibition, cut it out ( minimum) and use it as a mould to paint the next page. Here I still missing the maximum, we should be the figure totally painted in black (I did paint it but not the right side).


Six word Saturdays

The constant sound of dripping water

That’s what I’ve been living with for the last four days.

The constant dripping of water from my upstairs neighbors bathtub. The water even got inside my bathroom lamp bulb, which triggered a short circuit and tripped a differential that is also connected to the kitchen light and sockets. No sockets working in my room either. And even though I have an old shower curtain collecting the water and directing it into the bathtub, still some gets on the floor so every now and then I have to wring the towels I ended up putting on the floor because my mop couldn’t collect any more water.

Yes, it’s a nightmare.

At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I finally found someone to do the work, it just has to be arranged with the landlady and the upstairs neighbors.

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Porto, here I come!

I did say I usually was lucky with waiting lists.

When I signed up for the waiting list for the urban sketchers symposium in Porto, I received the same night an email saying that they might make more tickets available if there were enough people interested to justify the investment.

And guess what? This evening I opened my email and there it was, an email from the organisers saying they had decided to make more tickets available and that I had a ticket waiting for me.

I am still doing a happy dance internally.

Man, I hadn’t realised I wanted it so badly!

Microblog Mondays

Photography is such an immediate process nowadays.

That is one of the reasons the salted paper print workshop I attended yesterday was so exciting. Originally the prints would have been exposed in the sun, but we used a UV lightbox. Still, the exposure times were very long, 15 minutes at least, and how fun it was to open the box every 3 minutes and watch the details slowly appear. And then there is the fixation process so the image does not fade away with exposure to light. Reminded me of how much I enjoyed working in a darkroom.

And I still haven’t got my prints, they take ages to dry after processing, so I can’t post them yet.

In the meantime, here is the story of Fox Talbot and his salted paper printing process:

Six Word Saturdays

Credit card used too many times


So there I was, so happy to have managed to get a ticket for the urban sketchers symposium in Porto this July, and when I try to complete the payment, they ask me to log into my PayPal account which I have not used in ages. The associated credit card was expired and somehow it would not accept my new credit card. Used too many times it said.

Couldn’t figure out why.

And the time window to buy my ticket expired and the event was sold out. So I put myself on the waiting list. And I have been lucky with waiting lists so far.

Anyway, one of the advantages of having a symposium in your country is that you can just go for the sketch crawl on the last day as it is open for all.

And now I realized why PayPal gave me that error. A few years ago I had forgotten my password and the answers to the security questions, so I ended up creating another account with another email. And for safety reasons it won’t let me associate the same credit card with two different accounts.

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Microblog Mondays

Despite a huge cold I still went to the guided tour of Palácio Foz this Saturday. It was a also a sketch and photo tour, and besides it a great opportunity to get to see the abbey in the palace.

Ah, yes, the abbey. A sort of chapel, I thought. It did really look like a religious place at first, but it turned out to be a restaurant where this secret society , the makavenkos, used to hold feasts.

But the highlight of the morning was the meal a few of us shared afterwards. The chat, and getting to put a face on some people I only knew online.