Microblog Mondays

Seems like I spent the day drawing this saturday. Museum of Costume and Fashion in the morning, where we had a lot of fun remaking  one of the costumes we had drawn with pieces of cloth we had brought from home .





And then I rushed for a drawing session on the other side of town for the open day of the ITQB (institute of chemical and biological technology). The lab sudies genetic traits of plants that makes them for instance more resistant to some diseases.


And now it is monday and I am still recovering from the weekend…

Six word Saturdays

Discovering the amazing variety of weeds

This environmental association challenged the portuguese urban sketchers to draw the spontaneous plants that grow in our cities for their campaign against the use of toxic herbicides to kill them.

I had never noticed them before, but there are plenty of them in my way to work, and of so many kinds.

This one is a very quick sketch I made before the choir concert this afternoon. Did the colouring when I got back home.

six word saturdays

Microblog Mondays- Budapest?! Why Budapest?

That’s what my father asked me when I told him I was going to Budapest for a week.

Well, there was the European playback theatre gathering​ gathering, and besides I had always wanted to see Budapest, the chain bridge, the Danube… So I stayed a few days more after the gathering and I regret not having stayed longer. I feel like my mouth was always gaping open as I wandered the streets​because each building was more amazing than the other.