Microblog Mondays

A while ago this friend of mine asked me if I was free this weekend and if I knew how to ride.

Well, I maybe had 3 horse riding lessons in my whole life…

She wanted to register for this weekend package that included horse riding and wine tasting. I’m not too sure about the horses, I probably will only do the wine tasting part.

Anyway the place where we are staying looks amazing, which I only discovered today because she asked me to print out the directions. And can always hangout in the pool if I don’t want to ride.


Microblog Mondays

So my birthday is coming up. This Friday.

And every year I think I won’t celebrate but end up going for dinner with a few friends just to make it a different day.

But this year it seemed every body would be away on holidays and I actually wanted to have a big celebration.

At least one of my best friends is in in town. And I guess I can have a big unbirthday celebration at the beach later. With playback theatre in the sea and all.

Cee’s fun foto challenge: Tombstones or cemiteries

I’ be always liked to visit the local cemitery when I travel, but I almost missed this one, as I only had 2 days and a half to visit Budapest.

But then I was drinking tea in the hostel kitchen and I overheard a family talking about visiting the cemetery, so I decided to check it out.

It looks more like a huge park, so huge that at one point I couldn’t find the way to the exit.