Microblog Mondays

Another very artsy wekend.

Japanese book binding on saturday. I am quite obsessed with making my own sketchbooks now.

And sunday was another session of the alphabet, the puppet museum. I had already been there on a Meetup, but I wouldn’ t mind going there every weekend. I had trouble deciding what to draw, I just wanted to draw everything. 

But one the best part of the afternoon for me was to learn how to do a pop up. Loved those pop up books when I was a kid ( well, still love them actually).

Here is mine:

And my first exercise:

Microblog mondays

Don’t get too attached to your drawing, the monitor said.

Well, one of the required items for saturday’s session was a pair of scissors, so that gave us a hint.

And indeed, because we were at the national library which is kind of a book museum, at the end of the session se folded our drawing several times, trimmed the edges and ir became a small book.

Luckily I took a picture of the original sheet of paper, front and back.

The exercise was inpired by an exhibition at the library about a portuguese poet, they had some of his personal items on display, letters, books, postcards…

So we had to draw 4 small objects we had brought from home and write about them.

On the second drawing, on the back of the first one, we did the same but with somebody elses objects. And we had to also write down sentences taken from the exhibition.

Despite having to let go of the drawing in the end, it was a very pleasurable exercise, as the objects triggered a lot of memories.

Six Word saturday

A haven  in the city center

Our group gave a theatre performance today as the retribution for a crowdfunding campaign for NGO that brings education to children victims of war.

When discussing a venue for the event, one of our members sugested this convent where his aunt lives. 

There, in the middle of the city, you suddenly feel like you are in the countryside.

Microblog Mondays- All Systems Normal

All Systems Normal: the sweetest words I read today.

This really complicated machine had been down for several weeks and it took us a lot of time to diagnose the source of the problem and find a replacement part. And still it was not working at first. The machine was giving the same alarm message.  It was a pretty stressfull month.

And finally, ths morning, and try working with it and no alarms.

Just those 3words: all systems normal.