Thank god for the air conditioning

Estremoz, 9h15 PM, 29°C

Good thing my room has air conditioning.

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Microblog Mondays

“I can’t tell where I am, everything looks the same!”, I overheard a tourist saying on my second day in Amsterdam. I had the exact same feeling.

But little by little, as I drew the city, I started to be able to tell the differences.

That is the magic of drawing in situ.

Microblog Mondays : drawing at the sound of music

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The materials list stated:

Watercolor inks, markers, paint brushes, and a fully charged cellphone and headphones.


We were all wondering what it was going to be for.

It turned out the workshop today was about the Blaue Reiter movement and how Kandinsky introduced music in his paintings, associating colours to sounds, introducing rythm into the painting.

So we had to paint the garden while listening to Scriabin’s Prometheus, trying to merge visual and sound stimuli. Pretty hard to reach Kandinsky’s level of abstraction.

It was easier to do with the second exercise, where we had to zoom in on the texture of a tree or a plant.

Here’s the result:

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