Do museum ducks have artistic interests?

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They kept coming near me, sitting on my drawing, trying to drink my paints.

Here’s the final result:

Fauvisme workshop in Fundação Gulbenkian

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I got out of the train station this evening and there were a bunch of people being taught a dance on the pedestrian street nearby. As it was a circle dance some passers by were wondering if it was a sort of a cult.

But no, it was just a celebration of the international dance day. I would have joined if I wasn’t carrying so much stuff.

But it still made me smile.

This is what they were dancing.

It is too cold for tourism

I had this notification on Facebook saying that the sketchers from Évora were planning a meet-up in Arroiolos this weekend and I do love their meetups. Plus, I had never been to Arroiolos.

So I went. And the meeting was great. We had an urban sketching workshop on ceramic tiles (I’ll only know the result tomorrow, as it takes 24h to cure and cool down).

But boy, was it cold! I wanted to visit the town but I ended up in a restaurant, couldn’t stand the cold anymore. I’ll have to come back closer to the summer.

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I wish I could help them…

But I live in another country. My father is anemic, his girlfriend is recovering from surgery and still has to help him.

The doctor sent my father to the hospital but they sent him back home the next day. Now we have to wait until Monday for the doctor to do something.

Feeling powerless.

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