Microblog Mondays

Wasn’t able to move between the raindrops this time

Well, I needed rest, so there you go, I am on forced rest until Thursday.

Not too bad, I go back to work on Friday and then it’s the weekend.

And I only have mild symptoms, hardly any cough today, but oh, the exhaustion and the mushy brain…

And I was worried my other colleague would have to mind the fort alone, since another colleague is on holidays, but he tested positive as well.

Actually since masks stopped being mandatory it’s been 3,4 cases a week at the office. And our type of work can’t be done remotely.

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One thought on “Microblog Mondays

  1. I’m really late to this, and sorry it got you, but hope you’re continuing to look after yourself, and rest appropriately. The long-term effects of this illness sound nasty, even if you had a mild dose.

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