Microblog Mondays

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This was how I felt this Saturday, as I finally was able to book my Covid vaccine for the 29th of may.

But now my mood just fizzled out. Just got a text from my landlord saying I have to give the apartment back to him until May 31st, and I can’t understand why, as the law had suspended the end of the contracts until June 30th.

Still trembling…

Off to take something to help me sleep…

Weird, they are not in boxes…

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Today, after over a year, our theatre group met in real life.

We arranged to have a rehearsal in a park that is normally quite empty. It was so good to see them in 3D, plus 2 company members who hadn’t rehearsed with us since we started the online rehearsals.

But at the same time, we all had a feeling of awkwardness and unreality.

Still, a lovely afternoon.

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