Microblog Mondays- The Challenge

The theme of the dance festival I went to this summer was “challenge” and my personal little challenge was to try to walk on a slackline. I had seen people walking on it the years before and I always wanted to try it, despite my inner fear.

So this year I attended the workshop. It started very slowly, you would just try to sit with one leg in the air, or lying down on the line, always holding to a partner, just to feel the line. And the line was quite close to the ground.

Still, it took me three days to gather up the courage to try to walk on it.

And what an adrenaline rush it was! I admit I was trembling at the beginning but the more you tremble, the more the line shakes so I had to learn to control it.

So here I am. Sure, I am holding somebody’s hand but the instructor said I wasn’t even holding on very much. It was more of a psychological crutch.


photo by Rui Vasques




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