Six Word Saturdays

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An afternoon in the Carmo museum

Every month there is a session in the Carmo Archeological Museum called “let’s draw with”, where an urban sketcher shares his or hers background and how they came to urban sketching. Then they give us a drawing challenge. Today was to draw something we would normally never draw or integrate things that would normally be obstacles ( like cars, fire extinguishers, etc…) and use them as the first plan of the drawing.

Today there was this amazing sphere on the grounds and almost everyone ended up drawing it.

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Microblog Mondays- The Challenge

The theme of the dance festival I went to this summer was “challenge” and my personal little challenge was to try to walk on a slackline. I had seen people walking on it the years before and I always wanted to try it, despite my inner fear.

So this year I attended the workshop. It started very slowly, you would just try to sit with one leg in the air, or lying down on the line, always holding to a partner, just to feel the line. And the line was quite close to the ground.

Still, it took me three days to gather up the courage to try to walk on it.

And what an adrenaline rush it was! I admit I was trembling at the beginning but the more you tremble, the more the line shakes so I had to learn to control it.

So here I am. Sure, I am holding somebody’s hand but the instructor said I wasn’t even holding on very much. It was more of a psychological crutch.


photo by Rui Vasques



Microblog Mondays: Museum Day

Yesterday was the first sunday of the month which means museums have free entrance until noon (used to be every sunday but with the financial crisis…)

And one of the many  Meetup group I am part of organized a visit to the puppet museum. I had been there to see a show, quite a terrible one, actually, but I remember thinking the museum should be interesting. 

Of course, five years went by and I never went, so I jumped on the occasion. And not only the museum was impressive, I met a really great group of people and apparently it turned into a marathon Meetup: museum, lunch, ice cream for everybody else after which I went back home but the others still went on for drinks.

Microblog Mondays: recovering from the holidays

Yes, I need recovering. My head is fully rested, my body not  so much. One does not get much sleep camping for one week.

 I was in a dance festival, and when I arrived late monday evening I just took the first place available, which was really close to one of the stages, so I could hear música until 3 in the morning. Anyway, after 2 days I would sleep with or without noise.

And then there was the heat, around 40 C, luckily there is a dam close by where we could bathe and refresh ourselves. I have been going to this festival almost every year in the last 19 years. A week there is like a month vacation. 

Microblog mondays

I learned in a MOOC about memory that if you try to do difficult things, you do not loose as much brain  mass as you age.
So I guess I’ m safe.
This sunday I tried to play a frame drum while vocalising the rythm eating ta ki ta or ta ka de mi  at the same time ( I’m used to sing it with dum tak and ka, which are the names of the notes, but just changing the sounds makes it so much harder).
And then we had to sing an irish song at the same time and walk….
Yeah, I guess I’ m safe.

Six Word Saturday


“Model” for one morning. Such fun!

One of the menbers of our choir used to work as a make up artist and contacted several of his friends in order to organize a   photoshoot for our group, so we could have good pictures to use for posters and so on.

So we had a whole team of professionals doing our hair and make up, a stylist,  a professional photographer who managed to keep us relaxed and laughing despite the cold-some of us girls were wearing summer dresses . We looked so different from our everyday selves that I did not even recognised myself n the pictures at first

The photo theme was black and whte so we were all dressed in black and white,

And even my nails were painted black and white,

Will keep those for a few days.


Microblog Mondays-New Incursion in the world of soap

I enjoyed so much making soap out of frying oil that I immediatly registered for the home made cosmetics workhop which took place yesterday.

I came home with liquid soap I already used this morning, a moisturizer, deodorant powder, “toothpaste” (actually a powder as well) and an olive oil soap that needs to cure for 9 months. Luckily it is the only soap that needs to cure for so long. The others only need to cure for 3-4 weeks in order tobe sure all the caustic soda has reacted,

Can’t wait to get the workshop notes so I can start playing at home.