Microblog Mondays- Northern Lights

Back from the artic since last wednesday night.

Only four days in Greenland but so rich in experiences it felt like a month. I spent all of these four days in awe. Awe of nature, awe of the inhabitants who live in such rough conditions.

Hard to pinpoint what I enjoyed the most, sailing amongst the icebergs, the dogsled tours, but I guess it would be seing northern lights. Especially because I did not believe we were going to see them anymore. One personhad checked on a weather site and the solar activity was supposed to be too low, then somebody else said the maximum activity was going to be between 3 and 6 in the morning. We went to this place outside the city, we were freezing and could not see anything and when we got back to the city the northern lights came to us. And we could even see them later from the window of our hotel.

That was the best way to end the holiday!



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