Microblog Mondays- The joys of group singing

In October 2014, this friend of mine asked mr if I wanted to be part of a choir his singing teacher was starting- I hesitated a bit, I have so many activities already, and I also was wondering about the repertoire. I did not feel like singing classical music all the time or those choir adaptations of tradicional musid that sound all the same, wether you sing a song from Japan or from Brasil.

But I went to the first rehearsal anyway, just to try and never left. Never thought I would enjoy it so much, but we gel really well together and there is this pleasure that comes from making music together, from nailing  the harmony…

In our short existence, we have done several concerts, because our conductor knows a lot of people and we keep getting invitations. Last weekend we participatedin a concert outside Lisbon with a choir directed by our conductor’s father. We are a small group, just 14, and we sung 2 songs with the local choir. I was not used to such sound. It gave me chills.

Here is a video of the mixed group. Vangelis’ song felt really epic.



3 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays- The joys of group singing

  1. I have goosebumps down my arms listening to it. What a powerful sound. Is your group wearing the colourful shirts and the other group in the robes?

  2. Wow! I have this weird thing that I sometimes cry when trying to sing along with powerful music. I’d never make it through a rehearsal, if this is what it’s like! Thanks for sharing!

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