Mum, do the boats have legs?

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This morning we had a drawing class at the artificial lake in Campo Grande.

We were actually drawing the scenery/people from inside the boat. Which was quite challenging because when you are not rowing, the boat starts drifting so the view keeps changing.

Still, a lot of fun, plus I was in a boat with 2 women I have grown close to.

And then this little french song from when I was a child came to my mind:

Mummy, do the boats that move in the water have legs? Of course, silly, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t walk!

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One thing to look forward to

One of my colleagues gold me this week about this virtual travel website, and since Thursday I have lined up one or two tours a day, so I have something to look forward to everyday.

Beats “travelling” via Google maps. Here you see the country through the camera of the tour guide and you can ask him questions. You can even take photos and they are saved as postcards on your profile.

I leave you with a picture of plum blossoms I just took during a beautiful “walk” I just took in Koganei park near Kyoto.

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Sometimes unplanned things are the best

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I had gone to check out a house that turned out to be in the middle of of nowhere and while I was waiting for the bus back I called a friend to let her know I was OK (I had asked her to check upon me as when I saw the location of the house I was feeling unsafe) and she offered to pick me up. We ended up having a drink and walking along the sea. And ended the evening on mussels and limpets.

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Online has its advantages after all

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I mean, how else would I go to Barcelona for a life model session? I’m starting to get addicted to those sessions, normally I can only attend on Wednesdays, because I have started to work outside the house 3 days a week, but this Sunday there is a session with a Japanese model , so I really couldn’t let this pass.

And you have people from all over the world sharing their drawings : US, Spain, Scotland, Ireland…

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Six Word Saturdays

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An afternoon in the Carmo museum

Every month there is a session in the Carmo Archeological Museum called “let’s draw with”, where an urban sketcher shares his or hers background and how they came to urban sketching. Then they give us a drawing challenge. Today was to draw something we would normally never draw or integrate things that would normally be obstacles ( like cars, fire extinguishers, etc…) and use them as the first plan of the drawing.

Today there was this amazing sphere on the grounds and almost everyone ended up drawing it.

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Six Word Saturday

Open the gates, sketchers are coming!

There were 800 of us climbing the avenue of the Aliados in Porto for the final sketchwalk picture of the urban sketchers symposium. I must say the sentence is not mine, it is from one of the sketchers who was walking in front of me.

I took a picture but I don’t think it captured the multitude of people on the stairs of the town hall.