I actually finished inktober this year!

Inktober is a drawing challenge and where you are supposed to make a drawing in ink every day for the month of October and share it with at least one person. There are drawing prompts that you can follow or just do your own thing. Sharing on social media has helped me as it makes me feel accountable plus it is such fun to see what my friends are doing.

One day this year I drew a cocktail as a response to one of the prompts and I said that it seemed there was a cocktail for every prompt. And one of my drawing buddies suggested that I stick to cocktails until the end of the month. And so I did it.

Having a theme helped a lot, I did not get as lost in research. Sometimes, of course, life got in the way but I always managed to get back on track.

Can’t stand to draw another ice cube though…

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