Six word Saturdays

The museum closes at six. Sharp.

Our concert this afternoon took place in a church that is part of a museum. It was one of the few places that could fit the choir of 30 people we invited. But some of their songs were not dimmed fit for a church so it was agreed that we would sing the last songs in a small cloister and go back to the church for the ending when we would all sing together.

But when we got to the cloister, we were told we couldn’t go there, it was closed. We explained we were giving a concert. ” It doesn’t matter, it is closed. The museum closes at six.” “But it is ten to six”

“The museum closes chronologically. Room by room. And at six, all the employees go out.”

So we ended up singing in the corridor. And we couldn’t even go back to the church for our last song because they had closed it in the meantime. We actually found out that there were still two ladies inside when they closed it.

Well, I got out of there really fast, just in case I would end up locked inside.

I live you with a music from the choir we invited. They were really amazing.

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