Microblog Mondays- I’m going to be famous!

Well, not me…

That’s what several members of the Emaus community said when we were drawing them 10 days ago. The focus of the drawing workshop was to draw people in their environment and write about our experience. And the best way to get near the peoplewewanted to draw was to strike a conversation with them.

Some of us went to the carpenter’s workshop after lunch (we just wanted to be somewhere in the shade, as the day was very hot) and we started drawing one of the companions, nicknamed Pavarotti, who was working on an old chair. And started chatting with him.

At one point I channeled the playback conductor in me and asked him what he felt when he was working. And he replied: When I’m doing this, it is such harmony, there are no bad feelings.

And I, who was a bit skeptical about the whole thing (I tend to be skeptical about communities), lost all my prejudices.

And the highest moment of the day:

He came to sing for us before we left. There is a good reason for his nickname.




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