Microblog Mondays

Seems like I spent the day drawing this saturday. Museum of Costume and Fashion in the morning, where we had a lot of fun remaking  one of the costumes we had drawn with pieces of cloth we had brought from home .





And then I rushed for a drawing session on the other side of town for the open day of the ITQB (institute of chemical and biological technology). The lab sudies genetic traits of plants that makes them for instance more resistant to some diseases.


And now it is monday and I am still recovering from the weekend…


One thought on “Microblog Mondays

  1. Your drawings look amazing!
    I know nothing about fashion design, but I wish I did. I spent about an hour online earlier today looking for a fashion design kit I had as a girl. It featured stencils for the bodies. After you had your outline, you just drew whatever you wanted. It also had texture plates for rubbing and a few things you could trace (such as eyes, hair, etc.) I really wish I could find another one! A cousin and I spent months making paper dolls with the kit, and I’d like to do the same with my nieces now that I am grown.

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