Microblog mondays

Don’t get too attached to your drawing, the monitor said.

Well, one of the required items for saturday’s session was a pair of scissors, so that gave us a hint.

And indeed, because we were at the national library which is kind of a book museum, at the end of the session se folded our drawing several times, trimmed the edges and ir became a small book.

Luckily I took a picture of the original sheet of paper, front and back.

The exercise was inpired by an exhibition at the library about a portuguese poet, they had some of his personal items on display, letters, books, postcards…

So we had to draw 4 small objects we had brought from home and write about them.

On the second drawing, on the back of the first one, we did the same but with somebody elses objects. And we had to also write down sentences taken from the exhibition.

Despite having to let go of the drawing in the end, it was a very pleasurable exercise, as the objects triggered a lot of memories.


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