Microblog Mondays- 2 more lettering of the alphabet

Last week we had two museum sessions, letter I : Insttitute of Forensics Science ( I even took a day off for that one as it was on a week day) and J for the monastery of Jerónimos.

I was expecting gruesome things for the forensics science institute but no. Just a small room with weapons ( including razors and corkscrews), old autopsy reports and an amazing collection of death masks. The presentation talk about the history of the place, however, was fascinating.

When I saw the work that had inspired the Jerónimos session, I was scared: the imaginary prisons of Piranesi.

But it turned out to be a lot of fun. We were supposed to do ano imaginary view that included 3 different parts of the monastery, one from the cloister, one from the kitchen and one from the choir. Here’s mine:

 the second exercise was even more fun: drawing a few objects and include a human figure to give the scale, but it did not have to be a realistic scale:


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