6 Word Saturdays

Pustules and tumors. Unusual museum indeed.

Today’s drawing session was in a hospital museum where they keep casts made in the 19th century of the tumors and pustules from patients suffering from syphilis among other illness. They were teaching tools for the medical course. The casts were made first in platters, directly on the patients, then castro in wax, and finally the wax was painted true to live.

Really not for the faint of heart.

To  think I want to go to the forensics museum session at the end of the month, maybe I should think twice. 

Still wondering wether to post my drawing or not…


2 thoughts on “6 Word Saturdays

  1. Sounds fascinating (and at the same time, I would wonder if I want to go to this too!). A friend recently mentioned the ‘Body Worlds’ exhibit she saw a couple of years ago and told me that if am not faint of heart, I should go to it the next time it comes to our area!

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