Microblog Mondays

I have always had this pet peave about christmas songs. Come december and every where you are assaulted by the same christmas songs. I kept wondering, why always the anglo saxon christmas songs? Don’t we have portuguese ones?

Well, I finally heard some portuguese christmas songs this sunday, as our choir was invited for a christmas concert in the church of Palhais, where we had had our very first concert.

The other choirs had prepared several portuguese christmas songs, and we all sang together the one below. First time I heard it I thought it made you want to slash your wrists, but now it has grown on me.


3 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays

  1. Pretty! I have had to switch over to podcasts in the car because the radio stations are playing Christmas music nonstop. But it’s only maybe 20 songs! They just keep playing them over and over again. I should send them this one 🙂

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