Microblog Mondays

Feeling pretty excited about going to the second Hispano- Portuguese playback Theatre meeting this weekend. 

After having had to direct most of our group’s rehearsals for the last year, I will get to be a pupil again.  Also we are the only playback group in Portugal at the moment, so we only can see Playback perfomances when we go to these meeting, and that can be so inspiring!

I remember I was pretty sick last year when I went to the meeting and was a bit worried, wondering if it would not be too much, but once I got there I completely forgot my illness.


3 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays

    1. well, forum theatre was one of the inspirations for playback theatre. But playback theatre is fully improvised and we play the audience personal stories, on the spot. So it is not as obviously political as forum theatre, but sometimes in a perfomance we will hear different sides of the same story and that will open a dialogue. We had it happen in a perfomance in a juvenile prison center, where one of the boys shared a story about being upset with his teacher and then the teacher told his point of view. Adnd the young boy then realised what tough decisions his mentor had to make sometimes.
      you can find more info here :http://www.playbackcentre.org/about-playback-theatre/playback-theatre-its-uses/a-new-kind-of-listening/

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