Microblog Mondays

They make the strangest programs on TV.

This french channel has a program that is a so called scientific experiment where single people are paired through scientific methods but it is not just for a date. No, they actually have to get married with their match and they will only meet on their wedding day.

One thing I was wondering was that as much as your character are compatible, howncan they determine there will be chemistry? Well, they had to sell a lot of tshirts that had been worn for 3 days by the opposite sex candidates to see which smells were more attractive to them. And listened to voice recordings of the potential matches to choose the voices they found more attractive.

They keep saying that the candidates can drop out at any moment and one did drop out before the marriage.

Imagine, not only do you marry the perfect stranger, but you go immediatly on your honeymoon and have to live with this person for several weeks before you decide if you actually want to be married to that person. It forces people to commit, they claim. Yeah, right, it just makes “good”reality tv, IMO.


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