Microblog Mondays

Every year I use to go to the  East Fest, a Middle Eastern dance festival organized by my dance teacher and one of her colleagues.

But the last 3-4 years, I couldn’t make it. First I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was forbidden to exercise while the disease was not controled because it could damage my heart. Then I had to have an operation on my shoulder and I was still in physical therapy. As if it wasn’t enough, my thyroid started acting up again.

So it was really important for me that this year I would at least take one class, just to show myself I am recovering. 

And I actually felt allright after the 2 hour classificação. Sure, the intensity was moderate, but it still is a victory.

Here is a clip of the dancer whose class I took. Not only is she a good dancer, but also a lovely person.


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