Microblog Mondays- Obsessing about Silvia Ageloff

Ok, obsessing may be too strong a word, but I keep searching for more information about her.

I have been reading Leonardo Padura’s “The man who loved dogs” about Trotsky’s assassin and I keep checking what is historical and what is fantasy. So Trotsky’s assassin, Ramon Mercader, seduced this young trotskite woman and that helped him gan access to Trotsky’s home in Cocoyan to kill him.

I first googled her to find out if she was as ugly as described in the book, but now I keep wondering how she must have felt when she found out her fiancé had killed her idol. Padura focusses on Mercader and his handler. As this was not enough she was first suspected of being an accomplice. She lost her job  and  ended up using her mother’s name, Maslow, to be left alone.



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