Microblog Mondays

Our theatre group have a playback theatre perfomance for kids last saturday. We had never performed for such a young audience-they must have been around 8 to 10 years old.The location was a center where they can go after school to do their homework or have artistic activities. And it was quite a rough neighbourhood. Most of them had never seen theatre before.

Maintaining discipline was a challenge, there was this constant background noise which made itoften very hard to hear the teller. At firs I tried to silence them nicely, but i quickly found out I had to be more assertive. Bossy, in fact.

But it was heartwarming to see their excitement. they kept making comments while their were watching their stories being played back to them and as one of the members said, it was the best sign, it meant that they were enjoying themselves, silence would have meant boredom.





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