Microblog Mondays

Even after coming back from Greenland I kept studying the danish tree on duolingo. I’m like that. I love learning new languages just for the same of it. And then I have this crazy idea of reading Hans Christian Andersen in danish, one day.
Anyway, I remembered that my mother had told me reading women’s magazines had helped her a lot to improve her english.
Instead of magazines, I ended up getting the danish TV app, and I can watch the programs with danish subtitles. Takes me 1h or more to watch a 30 min program, because I keep checking the online dictionaries  but at least I get to hear the language spoken by real humans, not a robot, and more useful sentences than “the boss is washing his secretary “.
Still I wonder if I will ever understand the spoken language. The words get so muddled up together.


2 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays

  1. I came across an article the other day about how closed captioning can improve literacy. Using the TV app sounds like a great strategy to help your ear develop for another language.

  2. So cool that it exists and you can keep getting exposed to the language. I remember that I used to get French magazines to practice reading French, since gossip magazines were more fun than text books 🙂

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