Microblog Mondays

One of myfondest childhood memories is passing the bakery as I was going to school and seeing the bakers kneading the bread, it was really a sensuous pleasure.

So many years ago I bought a book about the history of bread an started to make bread regularly, testing the different recipes from the book. But since my mother died I did not see much point in turning on abig oven just for me.

Last year I started to watch this french contest about finding the best bakery of France and that got me hooked again. And since I bought a multicooker in the mean time, I thoguht I would try using it for bread baking.

A few weeks ago I had found those recipes for no knead bread and just yesterday I found one that you could bake in the slow cooker. That was perfect!

The dough is rising for the second time at the moment.

Hope I will have fresh bread tomorrow morning. Worst case scenario, I can always go to the bakery just in front of my house to get bread for breakfast.



2 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays

  1. it didn’t turn very well, actually it was quite terrible.
    But I have seen on another blog that they needed to 3 attempts to get a good loaf. I had way too much water in my bread, it was impossible to shape and it took a hard time cooking. Plus it was overproofed. I finally found some recipes that go by weight instead of cups. Will try it this weekend

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