Microblog Mondays – Small world

venue. So I was convinced to attend a speed dating event this saturday.
I was not too keen, I had done it once years ago and it did not work out too well. And I find it is too much pressure, just having 5 minutes to decide wether you want to see the person again or not.
But this time it was an event organized by a Meetup group for single people and the organizer sent me a private message to try to get me on board. They didn’t have enough women so they made it free for women. And I was curious about the venue, so I signed up for the event. Morning to loose, right?
The weather was horrible and a lot of people canceled their attendance just one hour before the event só We were only 12, only 3 women. And when I chatted with some guys I realised one of them had worked in the same place as me, two others and the organizer had acquaintances in common.
I’ m waiting for the results, but if those guys don’t want to see me again, it may be a bit awkward, as we can bump on each other socially.
Come to think of it, I don’t have too good a feeling about the results, because even if the conversation flowed once the speed dating per se was finished everybody moved back into their trenches.


3 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Small world

  1. If nothing else, you gave it a chance and tried something new. Staying home wouldn’t have accomplished either of those. At the very least, it was a success for giving you an interesting idea to blog about.

  2. I echo Lori above — if nothing else, you learned what works for you or what doesn’t. And who knows how it might turn out next time with more people or different people.

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