Microblog Mondays- the cold, oh the cold

When I steeped out of the bus that drove us from the airport to the hotel, I breathed in and almost choked with the ice cold air that got into my lungs. And later, while we were waiting for the bus to take us to town, we noticed that everybody who was coming in looked really red and flustered. We soon found out why.

The hotel was 15 min away from the town by foot and we decided to walk there to orient ourselves. We had the wind against us. My cowl was getting humid from my breath, the wind would freeze the moisture and I never thought the cold could be so painful. Sure, having ben raised in France, I knew from studying  Napoleon’s Russian campaign that you could actually loose your nose and ears (that was my obsession when I was preparing for the trip ).

But the craziest thing was that my glasses would get misty from my breathing, my eyes would get teary and all that misture would then freeze and I could hardly see a thing.



2 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays- the cold, oh the cold

  1. It sounds like my college years living in Wisconsin, when everything wet (including tears) would freeze during the walk to class.

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