Microblog Mondays- Dog sled ride

dscn3346_zpsvomjf6ptWhen I was at university, a friend of mine went on a 7 day dogsled trip in Greenland. I always thought this would be a great experience. So I was looking forward to the 2 hour dogsled ride, though part of me wanted a longer ride.

Well…2 hours turned out to be quite enough.

It is a tough ride. You have to hold tightly the ropes underneath you if you don’t want to be thrown out,and it can be a bumpy ride because you go over rocks sometimes. Plus I was terrified because sthere had been accidents the day before. The most terrifying moment was when we were going down a very steep hill and all of a sudden the dogs disappear and there is a void before me. And I was trying not to make too much noise so the dogs would not take it for an order. Only after I saw them coming at my side did I realize that the dogs and the driver were in the back acting as a brake.

Despite all this, it was certainly worth it, just the feeling of being one with nature, the sound of the sledge on the snow… It’s indescribable.





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