Six Word Saturday


The bears are reading the newspapers

I have been teaching Danish these last 2 weeks with an app I installed on my tablet. I am going to Greenland with a friend and I always like to at least  be able to ask for food and drink and say I do not eat sugar.

I had tried to learn languages before by myself but it is the first time I have stuck to it for a full 2 weeks. The app is surprisingly good, I looked up Danish sites and was actually able to understand part of the restaurant menus.

But for learning purposes, they often give you completely surrealistic sentences, just to review material from past lessons. Like the bears are reading the newspaper or the bears are drinking the man’s beer.



5 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. oh that is so silly! Bears do NOT read the newspapers- they read Winnie the Pooh! Three cheers for teaching yourself Danish. It’s always nice to have some words to say while traveling- other than “Do you speak English” !

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