Six word saturday


All this garlic… Vampires will flee …

Living on my own, I am often annoyed when I go to the supermarket. Everything is sold in huge quantities. The other day I needed some garlic and had no time to go anywhere eles so I ended up with 500 g or só of garlic cloves. Thought I would try to can them but I read garlic can develop botulin.
Plus the thought of peeling all this garlic…
Well, at least I am safe from vampires.


10 thoughts on “Six word saturday

  1. We’re lucky back home and here in Portugal we can buy single bulbs. Have you tried making garlic soup, not as garlicky as it sounds and a good way to use up bulbs (if you make it in bulk!!).

      1. Ah my husband has just reminded me I always buy them here at the market – amazing daily one just a few steps away!

        We’ve not yet been to Lisbon – trip planned in March 😊

  2. oh, i understand the problem of having to buy more than needed but when that is the only place we have at that point of time to buy it.. i do not live alone but yes, having too much of anything sometimes just puts me off from eating it itself (and then, whats the point of having bought it?) :)) but yes, you are free of vampires..

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