Six Word Saturday


Afraid to be loosing my independence

Being an only child, I had to learn from an early age how to entertain myself on my own. As a teenager I was ignored in highschool by my colleagues because my parents did not have a fancy job or lived in the “right”neighbourghood. Then I moved to Paris for university and even when I had friends weekends could be pretty lonely.

Anyway all this made me quite independent. I travel solo a lot, I go to movies and theatre on my own, I live alone and like it.

But lately I sometimes feel the need to speak to somebody. Yesterday I hardly uttered a word all day, except for ordering food at the restaurant, o I really felt the urge to call somebody.It is probably normal, after all, we are social animals, but it does annoy me a bit.



2 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Once–long ago–long before My Beloved Sandra entered my life, I lived alone and realized one evening just before sleep that I had just spent 3 full days without uttering a word. And not because I had sequestered myself in my tiny studio apartment either; I’d been out and about for at least part of each of those days…

  2. Sometimes we need someone, even if it’s just to say hello. I’ve been yearning for some time to myself and finally my husband went on a quick trip. The first night he was gone, around 11:30pm, I suddenly felt very lonely and had the urge to call someone. It was so late, I just went back to reading my book.

    Thanks for playing 6WS. Have a lovely 2016!

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