Microblog Mondays – travelling with diabetes

I developed diabetes about 2 years ago, it runs in the family, so there was this possibility. And sure, it is annoying in social contexts, like when there are pot luck dinners and I hardly can eat anything, or when one of my colleagues has a birthday and I have to stand there just watching other people eat.
But when I am travelling is the worst part. Can’t eat street food because it is mainly carbs or ready made supermarket food because it always has sugar in it. I found it really hard last year in Amsterdam so this time I looked up paleo friendly restaurants online and where to buy sugar free items.
Still, when I ate out, I was 99% of the time reduced to eating salads. Giant and gourmet salads, but salads nonetheless.
That’s why when I worry about not having suitable food for me and somebody says: you have salad or you can bring a salad, I just feel like punching them.


4 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – travelling with diabetes

  1. Oh, can I relate to this. I do not have diabetes, but I have celiac disease, and it sounds like the difficulties travelling, eating out, and going to shared food functions are similar. Maybe I don’t WANT a salad. Maybe going to a brew pub where I can eat a bunless burger and cottage cheese and drink water is NOT my idea of a good time out. I recently got severely glutened when my sister made gluten free cheesecake in a not-entirely clean springform pan that she’d made a normal cheesecake in recently (I don’t want to think too hard on why the pan wasn’t clean and how gross that is), so sometimes you think you’re okay and you’re not. It’s not a choice, it’s not a fad diet, and it sucks when that’s not taken seriously. I hope you can find good options over the New Year holiday, and I can totally get wanting to punch those people in the throat who don’t understand how tough it is to have dietary restrictions that are not self-imposed, but utterly necessary for, you know, the health of your organs and a pain-free existence. 🙂 I wish you low-carb, low-to-no-sugar deliciousness in the new year, and salads only when you want them.

    1. Thanks! Right back at you (subsituting low sugar, low vacrb with gluten free).I often tell myself that worse then diabetes is to live with celiac disease. And that it seems to be eayser to find food if you are are a vegan who only eats raw food.

  2. I have food allergies which mean some wariness and diligence is needed. However, nothing like that needed when diabetes (or celiac) is in play. Frustration aside I hope you’re able find some delicious diabetes friendly options without too much trouble.

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