Travel tribulations

I used to have this recurrent nightmare where I would fly somewhere and always was in danger of missing my plane because I had forgotten something very important like my passport or money.
So I am always very anxious when I travel. And this time it looked like my nightmare was becoming real when I realised I had left my hostel check inn sheet at the airport when I wa asking for directions. But all I had to do was to give them my ID.
But to finally get bed was an adventure. Twice I was given a bed and twice the bed was taken when I got to the room. Apperently people often do not take the bed they have been assigned. the clerk ended up going up to the room check the bed was actually free.
The hostel neighborhood is a bit shady as someaid on trip advisor, but the view of the canal is wonderful.
Well, of to bed now. For my body it still feels a bit early but I must admit I am knackered. Stayed in the bar a bit after dinner, listening to the live music, but it made me feel a bit awkward on my own, and a bit old. The bar fauna was mainly boys and girls in their early twenties playing beer pong.


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