#Microblog Mondays- Play in my life

I have been following this course on future learn about the role and importance of playing and the homework prompted some memories.

I vaguely remember playing outdoors, as a very small child- we lived in a small town then.

When I was six we moved to Paris and playing was mostly indoors, often by myself, as I am an only child. Or in the in the schoolyard or the local park.
As a teenager playing was mostly at school or indoors. I was living in Lisbon then and I went to spend a week at my aunt who lived some 50 km away from Lisbon and how amazing it was to go down to the square after dinner and play football or ride the swings with the local teenagers.

And nowadays I love the theatre games. we are allowed to play like little kids again. Sure, they are supposed to instruct you on how to behave on stage and what your weaknesses are but it is still so much fun!



3 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays- Play in my life

  1. I definitely still play, but I play indoors. But I was always an indoor kid despite being convinced from time to time to play hide-and-go seek outside.

  2. It amazes me that it takes becoming adults to recognize the importance of play. As children we play, but are scolding for continuing that play as we grow older. Yet play spurs imagination and creativity. It’s also an amazing outlet for emotions and pent-up energy.

    I’m glad you found a way to play as an adult. May it be wonderful

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